Find the errors in my spreadsheet formulations


Budget: Minimum $10USD - Maximum $30USD

Created: Dec 18, 2017 | Bidding Ends: Jan 17, 2018

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I need someone to go through my monthly report excel spreadsheet in detail to find and fix the errors.

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Bid Amount:$25USD | Delivery time: 1 Days
Bid time:Dec 18, 2017

hi, I need to some work and i am expert on excel if you want to a expert than contact to me. i am negotiate if 25$ is high.

Bid Amount:$30USD | Delivery time: 2 Days
Bid time:Dec 19, 2017

Hi pollyhuff I work with excel on a daily basis, so that I am used to come across many errors, and what´s more important, fix them!

Bid Amount:$30USD | Delivery time: 1 Days
Bid time:Jan 12, 2018

Hi I have 10 years experience working on Excel. I have tutored Excel for many years and know the kind of errors that people have to face each day, Let me know your problem and we can resolve it at the earliest. Thanks for reading, have a nice day,

Bid Amount:$2USD | Delivery time: 25 Days
Bid time:Jan 16, 2018

100wpm Typing speed certified Data entry exp 4 yrs in reputed company