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Created: Dec 15, 2017 | Bidding Ends: Jan 14, 2018

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I Need to create excel sheet or access database to process the excel sheets I have in to a database that I can generate reports from. The Number of excel sheet per topic is 58 sheets. Number of topics are 22 There will be some percentage entry manually. There will be also forecast results. Please contact me to get more idea about the work.

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Bid time:Jan 05, 2018

I have gone through your job requirement and I understand that it requires a high speed typing skill with 100% accuracy. I have 3+ years of experience working with Ms Excel and MS Office tools. I have been doing administrative work like typing material from one source to other for long time as free lancer. I am having excellent typing speed with 100% accuracy. I understand the how critical is the project. I would like to be a part of this to with all my experience on admin work. I have been associated as freelancer for more than 3 years and working Admin work with high efficiency. less

Bid Amount:$405USD | Delivery time: 16 Days
Bid time:Jan 08, 2018

Save time and money with accuracy guaranteed!

Bid Amount:$600USD | Delivery time: 10 Days
Bid time:Jan 11, 2018

Hi I have extensive experience in working on Excel in carrying out data manipulation and collating for reporting purposes. Please send me your project information so that I can provide a better idea on the time taken for the work. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.