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Budget: Minimum $2000USD - Maximum $3000USD

Created: Nov 03, 2017 | Bidding Ends: Dec 03, 2017

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We’re looking for a passionate creatives with a love of storytelling and language. You must be fluent in one of these languages: English, German or French. You’ll be expected to generate ideas for local, regional and global campaigns. You should be equally confident writing social media posts, poster headlines, film scripts and long copy. Requirements: • Strong conceptual skills with a passion for big ideas • Solid technical writing skills with a keen eye for detail • Comfortable writing for a wide range of accounts, from international banks and property to top brand electronics and FMCG • Able to work long hours and well under pressure • Possess an interest in popular culture, social media and be current in new advertising trends and techniques • Hungry to produce high quality work and win awards • Opportunity to work with a growing international creative team

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Bid Amount:$2000USD | Delivery time: 3 Days
Bid time:Nov 04, 2017

I am Santosh Kumar - Master in Computer Application, with broad concept that how to boost the business digitally, through websites and else whatever required. Waiting for your positive response.... I am passionate about targeted output. Regards Santosh

Bid Amount:$2000USD | Delivery time: 30 Days
Bid time:Nov 10, 2017

I am JP Abcede, an experienced professional freelance writer. I am adept in English. I have had experience in writing social media posts, as well as articles and blog posts. I have worked in marketing and I had units in advertising back in university. I am willing to work in a long-term capacity.

Bid Amount:$6USD | Delivery time: 0 Days
Bid time:Nov 15, 2017

Hi, Please check my Linkedin profile which gives you a comprehensive idea about my competencies. I run and manage my blog site mentioned below. I am quoting $6 / hr and negotiable

Bid Amount:$2200USD | Delivery time: 7 Days
Bid time:Nov 27, 2017

Hello, I am a professional content writer. I have been writing articles on various topics for more than 2 years.I have previously worked as an e-book writer. I have done masters in English language, so my english is quite impressive. Besides writing I also do the editing part to give a complete content.

Bid Amount:$3000USD | Delivery time: 7 Days
Bid time:Nov 28, 2017

Hi Team, We are creative writers with advanced fluency in English language. Our expertise is blending strategy with writing and with strong content marketing knowledge, we are confident in delivering social media post content, blog content, SEO articles, etc We are recognized for professional content and looking forward to satiate you with quality content. Thanks, Team Toword.