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Budget: Minimum $150USD - Maximum $250USD

Created: Oct 21, 2017 | Bidding Ends: Nov 20, 2017

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Converting prospects into clients and if client communication will be handled by freelancer than they will be paid more for that

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Bid Amount:$0USD | Delivery time: 0 Days
Bid time:Oct 21, 2017

Hi, this is Ansuman. I am eager to know about your work. And i promise that i will do your work properly, if i can.

Bid Amount:$300USD | Delivery time: 30 Days
Bid time:Oct 28, 2017

Dear Sir, I would like to do this typing work, Since its very much needed for me. Thanks Maulik +9 92744 66833

Bid Amount:$210USD | Delivery time: 10 Days
Bid time:Nov 01, 2017

Will do it.

Bid Amount:$150USD | Delivery time: 8 Days
Bid time:Nov 03, 2017

Bid Amount:$150USD | Delivery time: 30 Days
Bid time:Nov 10, 2017

I would be willing to do this work. I have basic experience in email marketing as a financial services agent.