Urgent requirement of Freelance Lead Generator ( US, UK & Aus People)


Budget: Minimum $500USD - Maximum $1000USD

Created: Oct 20, 2017 | Bidding Ends: Oct 20, 2018

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i need cold call lead generation help for a software solution,to the US, UK & Aus customers. If interested please provide monthly rates and your resume.

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Bid Amount:$800USD | Delivery time: 30 Days
Bid time:Oct 26, 2017

HI I am Interested in the job in case you want to reach me my nos 9004284827 I have 4+years of experience in International call centre

Bid Amount:$499USD | Delivery time: 20 Days
Bid time:Nov 23, 2017

I can work for 12 hours per week And try to give our best. .....

Bid Amount:$1000USD | Delivery time: 30 Days
Bid time:Nov 30, 2017

We have call center setup in mumbai, you can get in touch with us for lead generation in US, UK and Aus on solanki.raju@gmail.com