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Budget: Minimum $500USD - Maximum $1000USD

Created: Oct 20, 2017 | Bidding Ends: Oct 20, 2018

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i need cold call lead generation help for a software solution,to the US customers. If interested please provide monthly rates and your resume. Your communication should be excellent.

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Bid Amount:$800USD | Delivery time: 30 Days
Bid time:Oct 26, 2017

I have 4+years of International Bpo I have done Lead generation and i will complete the task in the given time frame

Bid Amount:$740USD | Delivery time: 9 Days
Bid time:Nov 01, 2017

Worked in same domain,will do it.

Bid Amount:$50USD | Delivery time: 15 Days
Bid time:Jan 05, 2018

HI We are a lead generation company, we generate leads from across the globe. We generate leads from email marketing and Linkedin. Along with leads we provide all contact information of the lead and message of the lead in which they show their interest in your service. We also share the lead generator name with you so that you can take reference of that personnel and can start conversation with the client. One more thing we share the lead follower name with the client so that they know who will contact them for further discussion. This help prospect to easily identified you and get comfortable to sharing in necessary information. We charge flat rate of US $50/lead. Look forward to hear from you Thanks, Shiv Jain

Bid Amount:$650USD | Delivery time: 40 Days
Bid time:Jan 24, 2018

i am expert in quality lead for nation or international lead, so i hope you will give me this opportunity and even for future projects too. Thankyou.