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Dear Sir or Madam, Please review the below mentioned information carefully and comprehensively and respond further with cv, website, contact, and profile as soon as feasible. The position is mutually beneficial partnership. Furthermore as a start-up partner you will get 30% direct corporate profit sharing. There is no salary initially. The compensation will increase and augment rapidly cash flow is generated and the venture grows going forward. Thank you for your application for the application developer (IOS and Android Apps)/ website developer position. In addition you can conduct this work from home by setting your own timing, location and duration. There will be 4 others in the team including business managers. There are concrete 4 roles and requirements for you going ahead: 1. Website development 2. IOS Mobile development 3. Android Mobile development 4. Marketing/ Sales & Business development There will be more ventures and better compensation in the future moving ahead. Right now there are 2 start-up ventures: Jaydip Mukerji Medicine and Jaydip Mukerji Finance. Jaydip Mukerji Medicine is a USA, India & global medical aggregators that connect doctors/ hospitals/ labs/ healthcare companies to clients and patients via online portal. The charge is $39 per month per user but is free for customers going forward. Similarly, Jaydip Mukerji Finance is a USA, India & global financial aggregator that connects small businesses to corporation in order to attain funding via this international online portal. The charge for the intermediately services is only $49 per month per user going forward. Furthermore, there is additional revenue generation opportunities via multiple banner provisions moving ahead. Please note that the project will take some time to launch as I am researching funding ecosystem, hiring, developing infrastructure, generating both business plans etc Please share your thoughts, ideas, cv, website, profile and contact information. Do you have a team or can you scale up the operations if necessary as the firm grows over time? I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Dr Jaydip Mukerji CEO Jaydip Mukerji Holdings Email:

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