Real estate investment analysis an advanced income appraisal

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Hello I am studying a course in real estate. I am looking for a full coaching on this book. There are 12 chapters in this book & also has multiple choice questions of each chapter.It also has 2 projects to complete. I am looking for a coaching over the phone. You definitely have to look into the study material. I can send you all the PDF on your email. Also you must be comfortable using HP 10bII+ Financial calculator.Kindly provide me your cell number and email so we can talk over the phone and i can explain you everything.

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I m handling all the accounts and finances of an startup architecture company. I am involved in forecasting for clients financial status. So I have a knowledge of excel also

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Hi, I am chartered accountant having exp of 7 years. I can teach you the related subject , however i have not used financial calculator but i can arrange same with simple calculator or financial also. Please share the book at my id for deep study. Please take my email from hirefreelancer team.

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YOU CAN REACH ME AT +91 95795 47206 ALSO ON

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You can reach us at (+91)-9586290752 and Email your details on

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