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Looking for a speech writer For toastmasters contest 5-7 minutes speech Style : Humorous Subject : turning 50 years old

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Bid Amount:$250USD | Delivery time: 4 Days
Bid time:Aug 06, 2017

Hi, am known as a cteative person, and i too write poems. I ensure you the work that would deliver would be catchy as well witty.

Bid Amount:$220USD | Delivery time: 1 Days
Bid time:Aug 06, 2017

Hi! I can do this for you in less than a day or two. I'm a freelance SEO, SEM, SMM and an experienced Content writer, with over 3+ years of experience in the industry. I'm reachable at:

Bid Amount:$200USD | Delivery time: 3 Days
Bid time:Aug 13, 2017

Hi, Humor and wit are two ingredients, if judiciously used, can turn a toastmaster's speech to a memorable and enjoyable event. I am a creative writer who can write such a speech sure to draw giggles and guffaws from the gathering at any 50th Birthday Anniversary celebrations. I imagine a toastmaster would require about 700 words to impress his audience with a speech lasting 5-7 minutes. My article would be written interspersed with humorous remarks and anecdotal references. My aim would be to make the article a ready tool for the toastmaster who with his skill, style and poise can leave a lasting memory for the invitees as well as the person who celebrates his 50th birth anniversary. And then I would laugh all the way to the bank. Looking forward to hearing from you and thanking you, Satish Dey