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Hello, I would like a curriculum vitae/resume DYNAMIC infographic able to post on any Human Capital Solutions/Business Social Networks on the Web. I have attached a project start-up example. Some clues on what this work should include, here: https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/best-infographic-resumes. We'll address all these points during the project buildup, one-at-a-time. Is not going to be a detail cluttered template! Rather, a dynamic infographic which, from an initial simple information (something like in the attachment), at a click of/or a mouse over will open (a sub-window maybe) required details. It's going to be completely editable, by me: components, text, pictures - completely! Please don't ask for any examples of personal text, pictures, components during the project work. Should you need any of such information, use examples found on the web (even dumb text, etc), including any from the above attached link or below attachment idea or more: I count on your creativity! Later, since it's going to be completely editable, we'll include personal information. The final product will be my property. I am also going to contact specialized companies in building such projects, so, please, let's find out the best way to become able to work together. Some Q&A: "Platform? Domain? How to? is your job to find out and our future collaboration to agree upon.

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