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ea new Title: PrincefxMt4ea Version 1 Trading Strategy: The system should work based on two kinds of linear Weighted moving averages and RSI 14 with 30oversold and 70overbought periods The first LMA is of 50 period for trend, and the next LMA is of 20 Period for entry confirmation, once the 20 period LWMA breaks up the 50 period LWMA and the RSI is above 50 period it should place buy orders, in the other words, if the 20period LWMA breaks down the 50 period LWMA and the RSI is below 50 it should place sell order At the same time it should not open buy and sell orders, if it goes short till the trend ends it should not have any single buy order, once the sell orders hit the tp for next it should wait the new candle and place new order according to the above criteria. Tp should be automatic (if possible hidden) by 5 pips (50points) for the first trade but it will be moved closer in case the market goes against the trade and the ea places multi orders so it will set the TP closer to the last few trades calculating the profit and loss eg, if we have 5 trades in one direction and the TP of order 1 and 2 are moved to the entry level of order 3, so the last three trades will be in profit and the initial 2 out of money but the profit will be higher than the loosing amount of the first two orders. eg: buy order no 1: eursud @ 1.14000 TP 1.14050 2. eurusd @ 1.13850 Now Tp for both will be 1.14020 3. eurusd @ 1.13700 Now Tp for all 3 trades should approximately be 1.1490 and so on, plz see the attachment again for orders tp and Lot size how it gets increased with the number of orders incase the market goes against the trades. The EA should work on 15M and 30M Time frame by default. and trades should be placed upon every new candle. for the first order it should follow the above mentioned moving average criteria, but for second trade it should wait for the next 15 or 30 minutes candle and also calculate the gape between the first order and the current market price, if the gape is less than 15 pips it should wait for next candle if the market doesn't hit the first TP and still goes wrong direction it should place the 2nd order on new candle once the 15 pips or above price gape is fulfilled. In the EA setup there should be furthermore options as below 1. to set trading Long only | Short Only | Long and short | if its set as LONG or Short then the EA will not follow the above mentioned moving average cross over formula it will trade on the selected direction, but when its set as LONG AND SHORT then it will must follow the moving average crossover and RSI predefined conditions. 2. Comment Field: customisable, where any comment could be set to show with trades on MT4 running trades or history. 3. Should be having stop loss and trailing stop options 4. should not trade if spread is more than 4 pips 5. licence key or code option which could block the EA if unauthorised users run it on any account either demo or real it should not work without a key issued by the owner.

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