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A set of questions based on Social Media Marketing is to be created to assess candidates knowledge on Social Media Marketing. The questions have to be MCQs, and must be rich in quality. The questions must not be theoretical, rather application based, and must test the proper understanding of the test taker in the subject. More details shall follow in the message section. The interested can apply for the job as early as possible.

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Hello, I am happily working here at UpWork (formerly oDesk/Elance) for almost 12 years straight and full time. I have lots of experience working for different international real estate teams inside/outside UpWork. I have lots of experience in different kinds of marketing and networking on the internet, from forum marketing, email marketing, classified advertisement marketing, telemarketing, blog and article marketing, appointment setting, social media networking, social bookmarking, researching, data entry, website maintenance, file management, lead generation and an all around virtual assistant for real estate, etc. Some of my marketing plan for your company simply goes like these, I will create a social media networking accounts for your company or I will just manage your existing accounts for all of the social media networking sites available online, but for now, I will concentrate spreading only to the most famous ones, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube most especially. I will target adding friends, groups, profiles, companies or people who works in the same field like you do, and the rest will be in the near future. I will participate at different forum discussions, reviews and blogs connected to your company. I will make you a friend, fan, group member or follower of the most famous profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., for those profiles who have millions, hundred thousands or thousands of number of friends or followers, and then I will interact on their walls regularly to gain more traffic. I have successfully and effectively done this before and until now for my clients here at UpWork. I can suggest my other client's friends, fans or group members at Facebook for business for their friends and fans to be one of your friends and fans that could generate more traffic that could lead to more sales. There are still so many things that we can do with SMM/SEO that I did not include here. I have a flexible schedule, I can adjust for your assignments and projects. I can work full time or part time for you. Thanks! Warren Villanueva 405 Campo Street New Santa Rita San Miguel Bulacan 3011 Philippines +639194275336 rhufa_sulo5 ~ Skype ID $3 / Per Hour

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Hello Ankita, I am a certified digital marketing associate from I can create a question bank for you as per your requirement. Please contact me on my email id which is or on my mobile number 09726750094 to discuss about project and work. I assure you that the details of your project will be highly confidential. Regards, Viral Mavani

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Hi! I'm an experienced SEO, SEM, SMM and SMO expert with over 4 years of experience in the industry. Your desired questions will be made based on my personal, professional and latest SMM terminologies, techniques and technology. The price is a bit negotiable. I'm reachable at:

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I specialize in helping small creative business clients with their design and Social Media Marketing needs. Social Media Marketing has enabled marketers to reach beyond their local customers and grow their business exponentially. With Social Media Marketing a business gets to increase brand awareness, target specific audience, and build relationships, gain valuable customer insights and increase brand loyalty. I want to create unique promotional and marketing strategies that work for our clients and reflect who they are, at a price that they can afford. I am pleased to submit my Budget Plan for A set of questions based on Social Media Marketing. Looking forward to work with you as an expert and help you in addressing your Organization’s marketing challenges. Kindly feel free to contact me, in case of any further information or clarification.