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We want to develop an excel template to import data from a CSV file. The CSV file has much more data than we want to see, so we'd like to take only the data we want from that file and have it populate automatically into our Excel template, which is more simple and easy to read. Ideally, our template will have the info included in our sample file: product name, cost, net price, tax, gross price, COGS% and GM%. We would like to input just this information from the CSV file that we download regularly. We would also like to have the COGS% cell text in RED if the % is 30% or greater. We have created a sample template which is very basic, but would welcome a cleaner, more organized version.

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Bid Amount:$70USD | Delivery time: 5 Days
Bid time:Feb 14, 2018

Hi I will develop the tempelate as per your requirement in your budget in the deadline

Bid Amount:$65USD | Delivery time: 4 Days
Bid time:Feb 16, 2018

Hello Respected Client, I have read your details. I’m able to do your Data Entry professionally as your expected Project. So you can order me now to start your Project and fast delivery. Thanks Best Regards Dilip Kumar

Bid Amount:$60USD | Delivery time: 2 Days
Bid time:Feb 16, 2018

Hi Nied, Can You Please share CSV file and format of Data Which you will required from csv. So I will check it and Let you know how we get those Data From CSV. Thanks Manish Dahadiya