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After 30 years of experience as a Systems and Computing Engineer, I am currently focused on software development, something I have done part-time the last 20 years. Now I am 100% dedicated to software engineering, design and programming, in platforms like .NET (Visual Studio and Xmarin), Java (Eclipse, Netbeans and Android Studio), databases MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server, on platforms Android, Linux, MacOSX and MS Windows. I just finished a Big Data Specialization, so I am practicing Analytics and Machine Learning on platforms like Hadoop, MongoDB, KNIME, Neo4j, Splunk and Spark.


Android 90%

Java 90%

SQL 90%

C# 90%

Data Modeling 90%

Eclipse 80%

NetBeans 80%

MySQL 90%

Microsoft Visual Studio 80%

PostgresSQL 80%

Programming Aptitude 100%

TCP-IP 80%

Web Services 90%